Integrating direct marketing into multiple channels via data mapping for better private domain data management
Adapts digital marketing channels to the variable consumer behaviors and preferences, exploring the new normal of beauty products growth through consumer management, innovative marketing and sales strategies that integrate direct marketing into multiple online/offline channels via data mapping, and membership-centered private domain data management, while consolidating brand presence.


The quantitative change in enterprise data makes it a tall order to map data and maximize data value;
The attention distribution, channel selection, and interactive needs of beauty consumers have been upgraded, which complicates the prediction of consumer journey and flow;
Repurchases and referrals are less than ideal due to lack of insights into consumer behavior and lifecycle.

Application Scenarios

A global data management system built to drive consumer growth
A digital business model created for online/offline integration
Marketing digitalization nurtured by enhanced private domain management

A global data management system built to drive consumer growth

The Customer Data Platform (CDP) helps enterprises integrate data across channels, connect and stratify consumers for personalized interactive management, and attain data-based consumer growth

  • Gains systematic insights into consumers through automatic in-depth feature mining
  • Identifies and markets to the target audience with high conversion potential based on model learning
  • Enables individualized reach and automatic communication across touch points based on the membership level

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