The intelligent train O&M system helps a city's subway system effectively improve operation efficiency.
The increasing number of trains and extended operation time put the train O&M under bigger pressure. Our system can keep track of a train's mainline status, as well as the condition and faults of key equipment in real-time, and conduct data analysis based on a large amount of equipment status data.


Rail transit in a city
Project Results

1. China's leading intelligent train O&M system

The system is applied to train maintenance across the network to deliver a higher level of intelligence and automation. 


2. The world's largest intelligent train O&M system covering all trains across the network

The world's largest network-level intelligent train O&M platform features a processing capacity for terabytes of data and real-time alarms, covering more than 10 routes and more than 400 trains. 


3. National model project

Designed with high relevance to the real-world business scenarios of train maintenance companies, the system makes the troubleshooting and fixing of electrical faults much easier.

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